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First Lady of the Kingdom Church and Founder & President of Ladies on Fire, this is the woman of God behind the powerful, life-changing ministry of The Kingdom Church.A powerful woman of God, anointed with extra-ordinary wisdom for women. Dr. Jennifer a devoted wife to Bishop Climate and a loving mother to Summer and Climate 11. She epitomizes the virtuous woman mentioned in Proverbs 31. She is a constant source of love and support to Bishop , the kingdom church members and partners. She has committed herself to birth Strength to all church members. Her humility, warmth and genuine love for God and people have led to her counselling and touching many lives. Her anointing towards women is incredible and continue bringing great healing, restoration to many through her ministry LADIES ON FIRE MINISTRY. She travels the world to speak and empower women of all ages hosting a number of conventions each year in cities across the World. Many families, businesses and individuals around the world have been impacted by ladies on fire international conferences Dr. Jennifer's dynamic teaching style and practical approach to ministry have ministered to millions over the years on topics that range from Christian family and biblical prosperity to character development. She have written 3 powerful best selling books ( Power of Confession, 21 Days of Daniel Fasting, How to sanctify your Home ) . She is well known by her TV programs on Sky digital TV, ladies on fire 24 Internet TV , DVDs and audio CDs. Also known by her 3 phenomenal Ladies on Fire international Conferences in UK and Africa ( Catch the Fire conference, Unforgettable Woman Conference, Esther Banquet conference ) . Why not join us at an upcoming conference in your area? Follow her on Facebook, twitter and YouTube ., 01315552290 02077406001

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