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Welcome to ladies on fire suits website where you find anointed clothes. We are determined to make changes in our generation, culture and Christianity of Women that ladies can wear greatness too. The vision for Ladies on fire suits has a unique way of helping women discover their potential to uplift, encourage, to empower you and push you into your God Ordained Destiny and to shake off low self-esteem and find self-worth in Christ. To be empowered and feel that they are Anointed, Exalted and Going higher. The mission of Ladies on fire suits is also to edify, equip and empower women to live for God’s purpose, by recognizing their full potential in Christ. Ladies on fire suits were established in 2009 with a strong emphasis on the Word of God, teaching, training, and transformation, impartation to equipped and empowered women to live a live of excellence. (Esther 4: 14) Anointed Clothes from ladies on fire suits was founded from a desire to provide affordable, classic and comfortable clothing for Christian and people of Greatness without lengthy hours of shopping disappointments. These Anointed Clothes is your source of apparel that is of the highest quality workmanship, fabric, and design to ensure customer satisfaction. Our customers around the world are redefining the way Christian dress. They’ve told us what they want rich, natural fabrics and classic lines in skirts and jackets that can be worn with confidence and faith.

Our suppliers, mostly small, family-run businesses, work closely with us and provide exceptional creativity and workmanship. We have formed a partnership with our customers and suppliers to offer clothing that both beautiful and appropriate for every Believer. As we progress in life there is one thing guarantee to change YOUR APPEARANCE. Amen . SO LADIES DRESS IT AND REMAIN ON FIRE FOREVER. Browse the site and find your favourite way to dress in the classic designs and natural textures you’ve been looking for. We are devoted to providing a genuine alternative to today’s extreme fashions and yesterday’s dated look. Actually we believe in Dressing up For Success (Genesis 41:14) Order today and get 40% off during our Fall Season Sale. God bless you.

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